If you have any spare puppy dog food, or would like to donate a bag or two,
please do so at Dyer Drug, located at 100 E Cumberland Street Albany, KY.

Thank you.

Little Hills of Kentucky Animal Rescue, Inc.

Everyone deserves a home sweet home

Little Hills of Kentucky Animal Rescue is a volunteer organization made up of animal lovers with the same goal at heart; to help animals find their forever home.

We are helping to reduce the overpopulation of animals in the Wayne, Clinton and Cumberland tri-county areas of south Kentucky.

One of the many dogs we rescue

We are regularly involved in local fund-raising to assist in providing food and shelter for the animals we save.

Since we've started we have rescued over 1200 dogs.

We also rescue horses.

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Please spay or neuter your pets

The benefits to spaying or neutering your pet aren't limited to keeping the dog and cat population under control. Read more on the many benefits to your pet itself: